• Multi-media installation



Neither too Far, Not too Close, 2011, installation
1-Channel Video, 2-Channel Audio
Size: variable
UNCOVERED project, 2010-2013

Vicky Pericleous’ work presents an installation of image and sound (a monitor and speakers) that consists of recorded interviews from people on flights to or from Nicosia Airport and a video sequence captured by attaching a camera on a balloon flying above the terminal building. The images on the monitor are reminiscent of a surveillance recording, broken up and re-edited in a disorderly and impossible time-line blurring reality with fiction while the recorded interviews are interrupted never allowing for a narrative to be developed. The fragmented flow of images and storylines attempt to reconstruct the airport in space and time highlighting the impossibility of the task ahead.

Text by Pavlina Paraskevaidou, co-curator of Uncovered, 2010-13

Artist’s Statement:
Neither too Far, Not too Close toys with the idea of a visual re-enactment of a flight over Nicosia’s enclosed airport. During a period of time and with a special U.N permit, I was recording both in audio and visual form, the area over the airport through a temporary and inane device of attaching a small camera on helium balloons. The video material that was gathered, was broken up and frame by frame re-edited with the use of collage and fictional elements to reconstruct an experience of a spatiotemporal suspension and to create what I would call a ‘condition that one can not quite grasp’. Over a period of time, I had been conducting interviews with various people that have either worked at the airport (like Mr. Marneros, the captain that landed the last civilian flight to Nicosia’s airport in 1974), or passengers that were using the airport; all the narrations were then, re-edited and over- layered with out ever allowing the narratives to be fully developed. The work all in all, is an audio and visual collage that attempts to bring out the state of numbness and create channels to experience this condition of underlying political transgressiveness (from all sides involved) as well as the spatiotemporal dislocation that it steams up. It examines memory notions as it moves in the in between space of fiction and reality, resembling sometimes a hallucinative experience. The often, low resolution images reflect on the failed act to zoom into the space and reveal the mechanisms of the work’s making. Its visual abstractions recall on the modernist aura of the airport as well as points to its failure. The viewer is never allowed entrance to the airport space.

The installation of the work consist of a 1 channel video projection and of a sound installation with a 2 channel audio, one of the broken-up narrations and the other of the ambience sound the airport.

The narrations, (Turkish, Greek and English) are all translated in English and printed in a booklet form that the viewers could read.

Ούτε Μακριά, Όχι κοντά, 2011, Εγκατάσταση
Μονοκάναλo Βίντεο, 2-Κάναλος Ήχος
Διαστάσεις: μεταβλητές
UNCOVERED πρότζεκτ, 2010-2013

Η Βίκυ Περικλέους παρουσιάζει μια εγκατάσταση πολυμέσων με βίντεο-στιγμιότυπα από το αεροδρόμιο Λευκωσίας και μια ηχητική εγκατάσταση με συνεντεύξεις που έχει πάρει η καλλιτέχνης. Το έργο είναι ένα κολλάζ, μια αποσπασματική οπτική και ηχητική αφήγηση. Η πλοκή του έργου επιχειρεί ν’ανασυγκροτήσει το αεροδρόμιο στο χώρο και το χρόνο, μπλέκοντας την πραγματικότητα με τη φαντασία, σαν ένα ταξίδι στη μνήμη. Η ροή όμως ανατρέπεται από τη συνεχή εναλλαγή στο μοντάζ της εικόνας. Για το θεατή, η είσοδος στο αεροδρόμιο παραμένει ερμητικά κλειστή.

Κείμενο της Παυλίνας Παρασκευαίδου, συνεπιμελήτριας του Uncovered, 2010-13