‘No Body, No Boarde’

  • Installation / Performance / 2009



No Body, No Boarder, 2009, installation – performance
Installation: Card-Box Paper, Photograph on a Back-Lighted Transparency, Nylon
Collaboration with artist Horst Waierstall, site specific Installation/performance
on the roof of the SPACE, Old Nicosia
Horst Waierstall: concept and production of performance
Vicky Pericleous: concept and production of installation D.V.D Documentation

The installation addresses questions on physical and perceptual territories and boundaries within the context of Cyprus.

Once the viewer moves up on the terrace, finds herself in a replica of a roof construction, a common feature of the architectural landscape of Nicosia. It is the passageway to connect the interior with the outdoor roof and serves as a temporary storage room for the building.

The replica itself is made out of card box paper. The viewer is faced only with a back-lighted photographic image of the north view towards Pentadaktylos mountain. It is a reproduction of what could have been its physical window-view. The image reproduces an instant and casual moment, where a pigeon walked along the end of the building that is now left out of the replica, with the rest of landscape at the back. From the image the viewer can understand the proximity of her body towards the end of the building and the surrounding landscape. The image itself takes on an idle stance. It is simulated and at the same time, monumentalized by its stillness. It creates an in between space that expands from the real view to its reproduced image, re-enforcing the rupture between the gaze and the physical experience of it; while claiming the possibility to recreate them.

The work is a result of a creative collaboration between the two artists that were in constant dialogue for all aspects of the project.