Emblem Οf

  • Site-Specific Installation / 2006



Emblem Οf, 2006, Site-Specific Installation – Performance Sobrero store, 55 Lefkonos str. Old Nicosia,
opposite the Faneromenis Gymnasium 2 Flags, Metal Trophies, Light Box, Chains DVD documentation

The image of the Emblem carries a superficial nostalgia and is placed on a decayed neoclassical building by the buffer zone in Nicosia. The space of the happening is a two- level building that housed Mr. Kyriako's family shoe factory, before being brought to closure, due to a general social and economical desertion of the area, after the turbulence events of 74. From then on, it runs only as a shoe store.

The image's neo-romanticism is shaken off when placed in an area of conflict - in between the emblems and the flags of the wider area. Within only a breath away from the buffer zone its reading becomes problematic and infused with a sense of colonial flavour. Its placement on the neoclassical but decayed balcony of Mr. Kyriacos' shoe store, in the heart of the old town, accompanied with ongoing (light) music (that is usually played for receptions in Cyprus) with an interval every while of a marching / ceremonial tune - highlights its light poetic-ness.

The emblem repeats, or rather hybrids itself, in the form of a flag, an advertising light box and that of a trophy metal, all of its variations, being installed in different spaces of the building. The second level due to the closing-down of the factory was left neglected, full of objects that reflect its 'glorious past' and point at its 'frozen present'. The emblem intervenes within the language of the wider context (on the front balcony looking south, it's the Faneromeni area, the historical district of Nicosia that houses the church, the emblematic Gymnasium and the square and the balcony at the backside, faces north of Nicosia, with vistas towards the Pentadaktilos mountain and the historical Ayia Sophia church, now a Mosque that one can here Hodja's (Muslim priest) sermons and prayers.

The audience is called to move with-in the two storey building that becomes an in- between – zone of hybrid symbols, associations and inconsistencies; trapped with in a broader area of conflicted 'visions', 'realities' and 'uneasy' expectations.