R.S / V.P - Regulated Services

  • 180 degrees of head-bending in the air of Nicosia / 2008



From the Series: R.S. / V.P -Regulated Services / V. Pericleous
'180 degrees of head-bending in the air of Nicosia', 2007-8, Installation

Performance in two open-air terraces in different areas of Nicosia 2 Helium Balloons
(diameter: 3 meters each), music from artists friends playing

The project takes up a side-specific character as well as a transitive one as it wishes to move across the boundaries of the Everyday Banal and the Uniqueness of that regarded as Art. Two giant balloons (3m diameter) are to be installed in/flown over specific points of Nicosia. At the same time, at both of the points, a playful party is going to take place, creating a dialogue and a flow at the points and in the between space the balloons are going to inhabit.

Their ability to be visually seen from a distance enables them to mark the landscape and at the same time to create a new sensation of it; thus, highlighting their own problematic reading in that environment.

The act of placing a playful and what appears to be a juvenile object such as a balloon in a heavily social and political charged landscape emphasises the grey areas of the wider frame, which by no means is a fixed one; it is rather, a moving and a transient one; in this case it is not the buffer-zone, or the 'opposite part' but Nicosia itself and how the individual empirically moves in and negotiates with its context. The balloons and their language intervene in the environment and interact with the participants, with the passers by and with those who can see them from far away, in an effort to create an 'out of the box' experience that according to the 'eye' that enters it could or might work as a Mantra for achieving certain goals, or/and a Treat or/and a shallow Ad trick.

Their placement within the public space and eye underlines the necessity of a closer inter-relation between artistic activity and social involvement as well as raises the need for initiative and action in relation to the quality and development of the urban landscape. Nevertheless, in all the work stands for, it opposes to having any pedagogic, demagogic, and ethical character.

It rather wishes to create an ephemeral happening that despites it's forged light-hearted glory, inane fa├žade and constructive poetic-ness, could work as a social 'flash' through the exposure of its own problematic context. It pushes forward an experiential activation of the physical space and of the collective consciousness in relation to perceptions of the city.